Nightclub Cafe Amigo


Party with live music from Thursday to Saturday. Amigo, which can host up to 800 guests, is a true local favourite for wild parties. The music is selected based on the latest favourites and the city's best DJs make sure parties last until morning.

Party like a true local!

We provide free entry for our hotel guests ((exc. special events).

Fafa's Viru, Tallinn
At Fafa's you will find tasty and generous pitas, salads and falafel made from fresh ingredients and easy-going, friendly service. 
If the items on the menu are not familiar, then take a look at the Fafa's glossary, created to make it easier to find your favourite dish.  
Come and tickle your taste buds!
Falafel –  Balls of dough made from chickpeas, herbs, sesame seeds, garlic and herbs,  which are deep-fried until golden and crispy and then served immediately. Gluten-free/Vegan
Hummus – A paste made from chickpeas, garlic, tahini and lemon juice. Best eaten with pita bread. Gluten-free/Vegan
Tzatziki – A refreshing sauce made from yoghurt, mint, cucumber and olive oil. Gluten-free/Lactose-free
Matbuha – a slow-cooked tomato sauce with herbs and roasted bell pepper. Mild. Gluten-free/Vegan
Tahini – ground sesame seed paste. Seasoned with lemon juice and salt. Gluten-free/Vegan
Halloumi – A semi-hard, creamy cheese whose flavours comes to their own when deep-fried. Falafel halloumi is the most popular dish at Fafa's. Gluten-free
Tabule –  A bulgur, parsley and onion salad. Seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice. Vegan
Pita – this pocket-like bread made from wheat is easy to fill. Vegan
Meze – A selection of different pastes and salads. Perfect for sharing.