New organic Ekuó wines!

Sustainable development and a smaller carbon footprint, yet packed with flavours – the new organic co-op member wines starting from €23.90. Our selection includes the well-known Nicolas Feuillatte champagne, from €43.90 a bottle.

Available from S Group restaurants throughout Finland. Bonus not accumulated. (Section 51.2 of the Alcohol Act)


Organic Ekuó wines are produced in the Veneto region in Northern Italy. The charity organisation Murialdo World owns the brand and the profits are used to fund international projects in 16 developing countries.

White wine Ekuó Chardonnay 
A straw-yellow colour, floral aroma with hints of lemon and ripe peach, which are typical for this grape. A refreshingly crisp and dry flavour, with citrus and flower notes and a hint of exotic fruits. A versatile wine for pastas, seafood and starters. This wine is also a pleasant choice for socialising or as an aperitif. 

Red wine Ekuó Merlot

A dark ruby-red colour, generously fruity aroma of plums, chocolate and herbs with a hint of spices. Medium-bodied with a softly fruity and juicy flavour accompanied by the robustness of ripe tannins and a mellow acidity. Best when paired with roasted or grilled red meat as well as rich pasta dishes.


Sparkling wine Ekuó Garganega-Chardonnay
Ekúo Spumante is produced from grapes grown in the Veneto region. A fresh aroma of apples with a hint of flowers. Extra dry, a cheerfully crisp, fresh and fruity flavour with apple, flower and citrus notes. A fresh and fruity aperitif. Pair with salads, vegetarian dishes or seafood. Goes well with light pasta dishes as well. 



Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Brut

Nicolas Feuillatte champagne is equally suitable as an aperitif, enjoyed on its own or throughout a meal. Nicolas Feuillatte Brut is softly fruity with hints of apple, sweet pear and fresh citrus. The finish is long, elegant and vibrant. Suits many palates – Nicolas Feuillatte is the third largest champagne producer in the world.