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Traditional Bomba House in the middle of a whole Karelian village has a Restaurant Bomba which exudes hospitality and Karelian culture. The Bomba House is a copy of a house built by Jegor Bombin in 1855 in Russian Karelia. The house represents traditional Karelian building style, and it is itself an attraction.

Restaurant Bomba serves Karelian delicacies made in a traditional way but with a modern twist. During holiday seasons the buffet table is set with treats and for parties you can choose from a Karelian style celebratory buffet, or a menu of your liking made with the best ingredients.

The restaurant spaces are well suited for parties from weddings to more formal company celebrations or relaxed get togethers. During pre-Christmas season the center stage is taken by Finland’s most popular party band. Bomba’s pre-Christmas parties are always booked well in advance.

Group dinners or lunches can be arranged also outside our opening hours when separately pre-booked. Bomba House also has small boutiques which sell handicrafts and the second floor of the house hosts various exhibitions from time to time.

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Break Sokos Hotel Bomba/ Sales Service

tel. 010 7830 450 / 020 1234 660


Price of the call to numbers starting with 010:

8,35 cnt/puh + 12,09 cnt/min

Restaurant Bomba

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Today: Open only by appointment

Suojärvenkatu 1, 75500 Nurmes

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010 7830450    

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010 7830450

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Open only by appointment

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