Trattoria Pielinen, Nurmes

Vini e cucina italiana

With its Italian soul, the restaurant offers comfy and classy surroundings for leisured enjoyment.Servings made of genuine Italian ingredients, such as antipasti, risottos, pastas and pizzas, bring a piece of authentic Italy near you.Hospitable and talkative service is an essential part of this Italian-spirited, homely and inspired restaurant. The delicacy shop also offers genuine tastes to take back home.

Restaurant Bomba
Restaurant Bomba is located in a magnificent log building, Bomba House, right on the shore of Lake Pielinen and already the house itself is fine attraction.
During the summer, the restaurant offers Karelian delicacies, both traditional and modern.
Other times the house is open on request and on special days.
The restaurant hosts all kinds of events throughout the year and is the perfect venue for a variety of celebrations. Here we have celebrated weddings and farewell parties, dancing disco and rock 'n' roll, as well as traditional Finnish dances.
For more information on events, program dinners and artist nights, visit the restaurant's Events tab.
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Break Sokos Hotel Bomba / Sales Service
tel. 010 7830 450
Call cost to 010 numbers:
8.35 cps / cell + 12.09 cps / min
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