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Ranta ravintolarestaurant

11:00 - 13:30
Otaranta, Espoo
  • Burger buffee €11.60
    AO tunnus RGB €10.40
  • Butternut squash pasta €11.60
    AO tunnus RGB €10.40 L G VN
  • Beef tenderloin, pepper sauce, blue cheese-cream potatoes and vegetableso €24.50
    L G
  • Fried salmon, potato pyre and funnel chanterelle sauce €24.50
    L G
  • Classic burger €14.00


11:00 - 13:30
Ruoholahdenranta 3, Helsinki
  • Potato-leek soup €10.30
    AO tunnus RGB €10.30 L G
  • Beefburger, Cheddar cheese sauce, spicy potato wedges €10.70
    AO tunnus RGB €10.70 L
Rosso Iso Omena, Espoo
Rosso is Finland's own Italian restaurant and is the place for spending happy moments together.  We serve antipasti as well as both Roman and Neapolitan pizzas – not to mention modern pasta classics, wonderful Italian wines and delicious desserts. Rosso is the place for happy dining. You are always welcome, alone or with friends!
Where you find Rosso, you find Italy
Coffee House Iso Omena, Espoo

Coffee House is more than a café. An excellent breakfast alternative. The number one choice for a cup of coffee! Here in Coffee House, we believe that the most delicious moments are created with love and skill using first-rate ingredients. That is why we serve coffee and tea made by experts; croissants baked in-house, as well as our own bagels, toasties and smoothies. With us, you can always enjoy freshly ground coffee with a good conscience.