Lunch close to you

Ranta ravintolarestaurant

11:00 - 13:30
Otaranta, Espoo
  • Vegetable casserole and ratatouille €10.50
    s-asom €9.30
  • Burger with goat cheese and chicken, fries €11.60
    s-asom €10.10
  • Steak of the day €24.50
  • Fish of the day €24.50
  • Classic burger €14.00
  • Ice cream or sorbet €5.00

Restaurant Pääkont- tori

11:30 - 14:00
Mikonkatu 23, Helsinki
  • Friday Casual Buffet €12.50
    L G
  • Burger of the week €14.50
  • Salad buffet and omelette €10.50
  • Salad buffet and soup of the day €10.50
  • Weekly A la Carte portions
  • Dessert €6.00
    L G
William K. Sello
William K. on the upper level of the Sello shopping centre in Viapori square is cheap and above all effective therapy: there you can escape the shopping hullaballoo or work up more enthusiam for shopping.
Chico´s Sello

The energetic, colourful and comfortable Chico´s offers various tastes of the American continent with its own spice: a relaxed atmosphere! Our extensive menu offers a range of delicacies from around the continent, including fajitas, quesadillas and burgers. From our representative beverage selection, you can find options to accompany both socialising and dining.