Lunch close to you

Lobby Bar Ara

11:00 - 15:00
Holstinsalmentie 29, Oulu
  • Soup of the day €8.50
    M G
  • Soup of the day for children €5.90

Bistro Mesu

11:00 - 14:00
Hallituskatu 1, Oulu
  • Breaded flatfish €24.90
    G L
  • Broiled chicken €16.90
    G L
  • Light and green €8.20
  • Soup of the day €9.50
    G L
  • Warm chocolate cake €10.00
  • Master's Lunchbuffet €12.90
    Asiakasomistajalogo €10.70
Pizza & Buffa Rovaniemi
Pizza & Buffa offers a straightforward and relaxed way to enjoy good food, on your own or with your family.
Presso, Rovaniemi
Presso wants you to have a special moment, every day. We want to cherish a close and cosy coffee culture. Our coffee satisfies Finnish tastes and is 100% fresh. Our buns, rolls and snacks are delicious, baked in-house and always fresh – our oven is on all day long. Of course, life also needs to be sweet. Let us surprise you: when the bell rings, something good just came out of the oven.
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