Are you planning on organizing a great feast? In the great banquet halls of Olavinlinna, that is a possibility. Welcome to the Olavinlinna castle!

Olavinlinna's halls date back to the Middle Age and offer a historic setting for celebrations and events of varying sizes. The halls and Ravintola Linnatupa are available for reservation throughout the year. During the summer, Ravintola Linnatupa also serves lunch and café products.


The construction of Olavinlinna started in 1475 by Lord Erik Axelsson Tott to protect the strategically important Savo region. The castle was meant to defend against Russian attacks from the east, and maintain the regency of the Savo region under the Swedish crown. The history of Olavinlinna is indeed filled with clashing swords, booming cannons and everyday routines inside the comfort of the massive stone walls.

Olavinlinna ravintolat