Presso, Rovaniemi

Enjoy a refreshing coffee moment

Presso brings a positive glimpse to the day and a quiet moment to your busy schedule. Stop by for a cup of fresh coffee in our cosy café; we are here everyday!  The smell of freshly baked goods entice, and our generous sandwiches offer an honest meal. Some of our Presso cafés also serve a diverse lunch buffet.

Amarillo, Rovaniemi

Food, drink and a relaxed party atmosphere - that's what Amarillo is all about. Our uncomplicated and bold Mad Mex-style food prepared with the genuine Amarillo attitude is sure to satisfy your cravings. Amarillo's delicacies can be found at the Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna on Koskikatu. Amarillo's kitchen has extended hours: Fridays and Saturdays until midnight! Fridays and Saturdays the bar serves you until 1:30 a.m.