Presso, Rovaniemi
Presso wants you to have a special moment, every day. We want to cherish a close and cosy coffee culture. Our coffee satisfies Finnish tastes and is 100% fresh. Our buns, rolls and snacks are delicious, baked in-house and always fresh – our oven is on all day long. Of course, life also needs to be sweet. Let us surprise you: when the bell rings, something good just came out of the oven.
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Amarillo, Rovaniemi

Eating together and a good atmosphere are close to Amarillo's heart, as many of the dishes on the menu are meant for sharing.

The menu is based on fresh ingredients and Mexican flavours. Try a fresh taco set for yourself or to share with a friend. The menu also includes delicacies from our coal-fired barbecue, as well as our famous burgers, which are guaranteed to satisfy even the very hungry!

Every Friday and Saturday at 20.00, Amarillo arranges a meal experience known as The Table with unique drinks and dishes, where anyone can take part by reserving a table. This is something everybody should experience – alone or with friends.

Our kitchen is open every day 12-22.30

What the working week sets apart, Amarillo brings together!

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