Gastropub Eino serves Scandinavian cuisine with its key ingredients of fish, meat, spuds and various grain products. 

Finnish food with its honest flavours has its roots firmly in Scandinavian cuisine which is highly respected globally.

Food from southern Savonia is based on simple and uncomplicated ingredients as is the case with Eino's menu too. Lakes in southern Savonia are rich with freshwater fish, and vendace has always played a special role in people's daily life and special occasions in Savonia and in Eino. Here in Savonia, we prepare our food with love.

We've added more local products to Eino's menu. Menu includes for example fresh vendace from Puruvesi, Puula Särvi's varied products from fish's, local bakery's breads, tasty products from Roinila's meat processing plant, Heikkilä's herbs, Peltola dairys cheeses...

Too much good is wonderful