Casual food with relaxed feeling!  Amarillos texmex-kitchen brings you spicy and tasty meals. Besides good food and refreshing drinks we give you the best located terrace in town and relaxed bar life in the evenings. Karaokebar open Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm, during summer season, also on Wednesdays.

Kitchen open Mon - Thu until 10.30 pm, Fr - Sat until 11 pm and on Sundays until 8.30 pm.
Lunch on workdays between 11am–2pm.


from our Sales Service: workdays  8am–4pm, tel. 358 20 780 8920

Call rates to 020 numbers, when calling from Finland: 8.35 cents per call + 12.09 cents per minute



Ruoka (4.1)
Palvelu (4.0)
Tunnelma (3.9)
Lapset (3.8)