How about a city tour aboard the finest tram in Helsinki? 

SpåraKoff is a fire-red tram that has been converted into a restaurant, touring the central sights of downtown Helsinki.
The restaurant serves thirty and is decorated in classic pub style using mahogany and brass. In addition to the driver, the bar staff is there to serve you. The ride features beer, cider, refreshments, fun and great views.


Reserve your SpåraKoff ride for a private party or company outing.

You can request pickup and drop-off at whichever stops you would like, for example you can exit in front of Virgin Oil Co. to continue your night with a dinner and a show at our Club. We can make you a special offer on the SpåraKoff/Virgin Oil Co. package.

The SpåraKoff tram can be hired throughout the year. The rides last two hours. The tram seats 24 and has a maximum capacity of 35.

Queries and reservations: +358 20 1234 800
(landline €0.0835/call + €0.0702/min
mobile €0.0835/call + €0.1717/min)

Pricing / 2 h
• Monday–Friday €802 (€600 for S-Etukortti holders)
• Saturday €1,000
• Sunday €1,322
* Additional hours €234/h

The Tram
• Carriage type: Helsinki motorised carriage
• Year of manufacture: 1959
• Converted for restaurant and charter use in 1995
• Dimensions: width 2.3 m, height 3.6 m, track gauge 1 m
• Gross weight: approximately 20,000 kg
• Power output: 200 kW (280 hp)
• Acceleration: 0–50 km/h in 12.6 s
• Top speed: 60 km/h
• Passenger capacity: 24 seated, 6 standing,
   1 toilet
• Staff: 1 driver and 1 host or hostess
• Serving capacity: 500 pints per stocking (full liquor licence)

Information is subject to change without notice.