The extensive renovation to rekindle the original spirit of Kappeli starts on 31 October. Welcome back to feast your eyes on Kappeli in May 2022!

Rich traditions going back over 150 years – with new trends and interests as well. Kappeli offers both something new and something rich in tradition to Helsinki's modern people, each and every day. Welcome!
Kappeli's strong attraction rests in its long-held traditions. The milieu and views offered by Kappeli's dining hall provide a unique setting for delicious lunches and suppers. As a result of renovations, the restaurant's traditions successfully meet the modern-day requirements. Eino Leino's own table – where Finland's renowned poet once liked to sit – still has its place of honour. It's been fixed up a few times over the years, but the atmosphere at the table remains the same.
Esplanade Park in all its beauty, the spaciousness of the glass veranda, the building's distinguished stature and Kappeli's up-to-date kitchen combine to serve today's customers. There's atmosphere and style for couples in the 'Chapel dining hall' – and it's the perfect setting for larger groups as well.
Kappeli Café – where the stories are as big as life!
Kappeli Café has one of the richest in traditions of any meeting-place in Helsinki. It also offers a view to the Market Square and a long way beyond it as well. In the morning, it's café latte and a croissant, at lunch-time the Soup of the Day, and in the evening something small and salty/sweet, plus a glass of wine and beer on tap. 


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