Presso Seppälä, Jyväskylä
Suomen uusimman Prisman sisällä, Jyväskylän Seppälässä, sijaitseva kahvila Presso on positiivinen pilkahdus päivässä ja kiireen seisauttava lepohetki sinua varten. Lämminhenkiseen kahvilaan on mukava poiketa tuoreelle kahville vaikka joka päivä.
PizzaBuffa Seppälä, Jyväskylä

A quick and easy restaurant for the whole family. That is what PizzaBuffa is all about.

You can enjoy as much delicious food with us as you wish. We serve luscious pizzas, refreshing salads, hot meals and revitalising drinks - all for one fixed price! During the week, you can also enjoy our changing and diverse buffet lunch. For dessert, you can choose soft ice or another one of PizzaBuffa's delicious desserts. You feel lovely and full after a meal at PizzaBuffa.

Come in and have a bite!

Tasty lunch available from monday to friday 10.30–15.