Kustaa Bar & Kitchen
Fresh Mex -vaikutteet ja aito itse tekemisen meininki takaavat laadukkaan ja omaleimaisen tarjonnan sekä herkulliset maut. Yläkerrassa tilava ravintola, alakerrassa viihtyisä pubi. Tervetuloa!
Rosso Express Prisma Lielahti, Tampere

Take with you or eat right away!

Rosso Express comes to the rescue of those craving pizza – the authentic Rosso pizzas are available as part of restaurant worlds and service stations all around Finland.In addition to the traditional, thin and crispy "pizze originali", you can select a tasty and healthier high-fibre rye pizza or a heartier pan pizza.Some of our restaurants also serve pastas and woks.Explore the selection and continuous co-op member benefits of your nearest Rosso Express.The best pizza – fresh from the oven.