Rosso, Pori

ROSSO – in good company

Rosso is located by the well-known marketplace in the centre of Pori.

Rosso is a familiar Italian classic with a laid-back atmosphere, which the Finns have already enjoyed for five different decades. Our restaurants offer you the most loved classic dishes, wonderful novelties and, most of all, the famous pizzas. Rosso is a joyful place to eat, and you are welcome at our restaurants with friends, family or business acquaintances alike!

Rosso is a child-friendly restaurant. The children's menu has something for every child to enjoy, and there is a play area that gives them something to do while waiting for the meal to be served.

Pori Rosso has a dynamic, changing menu. Welcome!


Torero Pori
Hola! Torero Pori– a piece of the sun glowing Spain
In Torero Pori you will enjoy the authentic Spanish flavors and straightforward warm service. Our location is in the middle of the heart of Pori, the pedestrian street next to market square. Our food is fresh, tasty, versatile, uncomplicated and delicious. Our professional staff will heartily lead you to the world of the Spanish food and wine!
In the center of our restaurant there is the tenderization cabinet, where our quality meat is matured.We prepare our dishes with care, effort and time.
The kitchen pride is the authentic Spanish charcoal grill, MIBRASA.
We use the charcoal grill to cook those delicious steaks, chicken and fish dishes for you, your friends and your loved ones.
Spanish sparkling wine, cava is ideally enjoyed all times of the day, both before and after meal - during the week or the day of the feast.
For children we have their own menu. Our desserts seduce your tastebuds! Olé!
Bienvenidos! Welcome!