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Lobby Bar Ara

11:00 - 15:00
Holstinsalmentie 29, Oulu
  • Soup of the day €7.80
    M G
  • Soup of the day for children €5.00


11:00 - 14:00
Hallituskatu 1, Oulu
  • Light €10.40
    AO tunnus RGB €8.80
  • Soup of the day €10.40
    AO tunnus RGB €8.80 G V L
  • Lunch from the grill €19.90
    AO tunnus RGB €16.90 L
  • Premium lunch €32.00
    AO tunnus RGB €28.00 G L
  • Buffet lunch €13.50
    AO tunnus RGB €9.70 G L
  • Light from the grill €17.90
    AO tunnus RGB €14.20 V
Rosso Zeppelin, Kempele

Take a break from shopping and come enjoy a meal at the Zeppelin Rosso, a laid-back and straightforward Italian restaurant where it is always a pleasure to stop by. Finns have been enjoying Rosso's pizza, pasta and steak meals since 1978! Families with children are particularly welcome to Rosso. We have a separate menu, high chairs, a baby care table and a play area for children. And who knows, you might also meet our mascot Onni the Squirrel, a friend of all kids! Rosso's menu also offers plenty of special diet options. Take a look at our menu or ask our staff!

Hesburger Limingantulli

Hesburger – Finland's largest hamburger chain

Hesburger is the place to go for delicious hamburgers, crispy fries, fresh salads and tasty desserts, not to mention service with a smile! Come and tickle your taste buds!

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