Venn mocktails are delicious, alcohol-free cocktails. Excellent tasters and perfect to drink during the day.

Frost Danger
7,50 €

On autumn nights, when the wind doesn't blow, frost with its freezing cold fingers lurks in the lowlands. Its light touch frosts the ground and makes the gardener shiver with cold. But the fresh cranberry only becomes sweeter and redder when bitten by frost.

• Pink grapefruit juice

• Cranberry juice

• Sugar syrup

• Soda water

• Mint

Controlled chaos
7,50 €

Was the summer too hot for you? Is the winter too cold? Is your life a bit of a mess overall? No worries! VENN has a solution for you: Controlled Chaos. Keeping it all together in one’s life is not always possible, and a bit of chaos just spices things up, so why don’t you grab a mug of Controlled Chaos. This mocktail is like a massage for your brain cells and cleanses the soul, making you ready to take on the world!

• Caramel syrup

• Lemon

• Ginger Ale

• Black tea

Apple thief
7,50 €

It tickles the stomach and tingles at the back of the neck like a handful of moths. It’s exciting! It’s stirring! It’s fresh and crisp, and all the coolest people do it. It’s like going out to steal apples for real.

• One fresh green apple

• Lime wedges

• Ginger syrup

• Apple juice

• Ginger beer

• Apple wedges

• Spiced sugar

LL = low-lactose, L = lactose-free, G = gluten-free, VN = vegan, S = spicy hot, M = milk free, V = vegetarian dish, N = contains nuts. Please ask our staff for more information on dishes.

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