Marina Palace's menus

Crown your occasion with delicious and eye-catching menus! Reservations and additional information from our sales service, tel. 0300870040. Our food products are mainly lactose-free and we are happy to take your dietary requirements into account (Announce in advance recommended).

Marina's buffet menus

Minimum number of guests 30.

Cruise with me - Välimeren valloitus
38,00 €

Vuohenjuusto-viikunatoast *

Parmankinkkua ja cantaloupemelonia *

Ceasarsalaattia ja chorizo-makkaramurua *

Versosalaatteja, mozzarellaa ja mansikoita *

Pinaattiraviolit ja sweety chili-drops *

Jättikatkarapuja ja sweet chili –kastiketta *

Brie-juustoa ja manchegoa *

Viikunahilloa ja siemennäkkileipää *

Petit fours –leivoksia *

Macarons-valikoima *

Kahvi/tee *

Walk with me - Streets of Valencia
48,90 €

Calabro salami *

King prawns and cuttlefish sautéed in garlic oil *

Roasted bell pepper and anchovy *

Salmon pastrami and avocado salsa *

Orange-marinated fennel *

Artichoke-tomato bruschetta *

Portobello mushrooms baked with parmesan cheese *

Pesto olives *

Panzanella salad *

Manchego cheese, balsamic syrup and rocket *

Cod fried in parsley-garlic butter *

Roast lamb and thyme cream sauce *

Patatas bravas and garlic aioli *

Caponata vegetables *

Tiramisu and cava sorbet *

Tropical fruit salad *

Coffee or tea *

Sail with me - Airisto by night
50,90 €

The night of ancient bonfires; the smooth rocks in the archipelago; the gentle breeze of summer nights. A gathering of friends and the best of the archipelago cuisine. We have created a buffet which conjures before you a vision of a warm summer night at the heart of the archipelago. Fresh flavours and modern splendour made with Finnish ingredients.


Herring tartare, salmon trout roe and malt bread *

Baltic herring in mustard and garlic sauce *

Lightly salted whitefish, pickled chantarelles and fennel with juniper berry-mustard sauce *

Skagen prawns *

Golden beet carpaccio, goat cheese crumble and watercress *

Crisp lettuce, semi-dried tomato and Finnish archipelago bread croutons *

Black salsify salad *

Rosemary roast lamb and red onion compote *

Roast beef, roasted root vegetables and caper mayonnaise *

Smoked reindeer tartare and linseed crostini *

Carrot bread and churn butter *

Dill potatoes *

Lightly smoked salmon and crayfish sauce *

Slow-cooked beef brisket and dark garlic-apple sauce *

Horseradish-potato gratin *

Honey-glazed root vegetables *

Sea buckthorn-chocolate parfait and raspberry sauce *

Brita cake with bilberries *

Coffee or tea *

Adults 50,90€, 10 - 14 yo 25,90€, 4 - 9 yo 12,90€

Local treats - this side of the river
54,90 €

Pike terrine and quick-pickled cucumber *

Deviled eggs with herring tartare and watercress from Kotipellon Puutarha *

Cold-smoked salmon trout tartare from Brändö and a linseed crostini *

Black salsify salad *

Roasted red-white beetroot seasoned with rosemary and chèvre from Kolatun Juustola *

Tomato-red onion salad *

Sprout salads from Piltin Puutarha and Finnish archipelago bread croutons *

Smoked Hanhiala farm turkey roll and blackcurrant gelée *

Onion bread from Jokioisten Leipä and churn butter *

Närpi farm lamb bratwurst *

Slow-cooked organic pork belly from Loimaa and dark horseradish sauce *

Smoked whitefish and creamed spinach *

Potato wedges seasoned with cumin *

Honey-roasted root vegetables *

Sea buckthorn brûlée *

Gelateria nuvole raspberry sorbet *

A selection of cheeses from the Kartanon Meijeri dairy farm:

Fuuga - melt-in-the-mouth delicious cheese, great on its own *

Jesper - a cheese with small holes throughout, seasoned with cumin *

Alfred - a mature emmental-type cheese *

Meritalo sea buckthorn jam *

Coffee or tea *

Evening menus

A minimum of 15 people.

Evening buffet I
25,00 €

Crispy salad, marinated artichoke and sweety drop chilis *

Red cabbage-coleslaw *

Pickled cucumber and beetroot *

Foccacia bread *

Smoked salmon casserole *

Coffee/tea and chocolate *

Evening buffet II
26,50 €

Crispy salad, marinated avocado and drop tomatoes *

Vegetable-couscous salad seasoned with coriander and prawns *

Tzatziki *

Naan bread *

Chicken Korma, wild rice and almond-cauliflower *

Coffee/tea and chocolate *

Evening buffet III
30,00 €

Sautéed reindeer and smashed root vegetables*

Lingonberry compote*

Fresh and crispy salad, Finnish squeaky cheese and sea buckthorn vinaigrette*

Oat bread with linseeds and butter*

Evening buffet IV
42,00 €

Olives seasoned with pesto *

Prawns marinated with mango-citrus vinegrette and avocado *

Grilled and marinated eggplant *

Pecorino-fig pasta, sweety drop chili, rocket and light balsamico syrup *

Sprout salads, cantaloupe and honey roast walnuts *

Focaccia bread *


Slow braised flank steak and Port wine sauce *

Parmesan-garlic potato gratin *

Bacon-bean pie *


Coffee/tea and chocolate *

Evening buffet V
42,00 €

Cold smoked salmon trout, dill-sour cream and quick pickled cucumbers *

Wholegrain-bean salad and grilled chicken *

Rosemary roast beetroot, spinach, blue cheese and honey roast sunflower seeds *

Crispy salad, drop tomatoes and fennel *

Beetroot-spelt bread and butter *


Slow-cooked pork ribs and dark horseradish sauce *

Rye-battered perch and saffron sauce *

Potatoes seasoned with cumin *

Cauliflower and Brussels sprout fried in garlic butter *


Coffee/tea and chocolate *

Lighter options and smaller groups

A minimum of 15 people.

Taste with me cocktail hour
5,50 €


White fish ceviche, avocado and sweety drop chili *

Prawn toast: multigrain toast, smoked sweet pepper mayonnaise with basil and chili and prawns *

Smoke herring, basil-chili mayonnaise and radish on rye bread *

Oat-chia seed crispbread, goat cheese and fig jam *

Duck rillette, fig jam and pistachio *

Chicken wrap seasoned with thai spices *


Petits fours (3pcs/pers.) *

Cheese cake and caramelized kumquat *

White chocolate-pannacotta and sea buckthorn gel *

Macarons (2pcs/pers.) *

18,00 €

Leikkelelautanen sis. siemennäkkileipää, kahta erilaista leikkelettä, kolmea erilaista juustoa, hilloa, tomaatteja, oliiveja sekä kapriksia. Hinta per henkilö.

Bagel with roasted beef
9,50 €
Chicken and avocado bread
12,80 €
Mozzarella panini
13,50 €
Goat cheese and tomato pie
7,50 €
Coffee and cake buffet I
25,00 €

Sprout salad with cherry tomatoes *

Sandwich layer cake with ham *

Sandwich layer cake with fish *

Sweet layer cake *

Coffee/tea *

Kahvipöytä II
18,50 €

Sweet layer cake *

Sliced fruit *

Macarons *

Marshmallows *

Buckthorn smoothie *

Coffee/tea *

Layer cake /sweet pastry
8,00 €

Flavors: Raspberry-cream *

Passion fruit-strawberry * (only available during the summer season)

Lime-white chocolate *

Raspberry-dark chocolate *

Sachertorte *

Salad bar

Here you can choose from many alternative salads either one, two or three different salads. A minimum of 15 people.


Country salad: Crispy salad, beans, marinated potato, olives, boiled egg and roast chorizo-sausage *

Roast beetroot, blue cheese, spinach and honey-roast sunflower seeds *

Smoked salmon, avocado, quinoa and pomegranate *

Noodle salad seasoned with coriander, snow peas, mango and prawns *

Roast sweet pepper, zucchini, eggplant and rocket salad, grilled halloumi and roast pine nuts *

Feta salad: Crispy salad, cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, marinated red onion, feta cheese and black olives *

Caesar salad, grilled chicken and garlic bread croutons *

Sprout salads, cantaloupe, grilled halloumi and pomegranate *

Tabbouleh salad and roast chicken *

Bufala mozzarella, tomato, marinated red onion and basil *


Lime-yoghourt sauce *

Tzatziki *

Pesto *

Pineapple-red onion salsa *

Hummus *


Rosemary-Focaccia *

Beetroot-spelt bread *

Country-Ciabatta *

Oat-apple bread *

Salad bar I
19,90 €

Here you can choose from many alternative salads one salad. In addition, you can choose two different sauces and one bread with cream cheese.

Salad bar II
24,90 €

Here you can choose from many alternative salads two different salads. In addition, you can choose two different sauces and one bread with cream cheese.

Salad bar III
28,90 €

Here you can choose from many alternative salads three different salads. In addition, you can choose two different sauces and one bread with cream cheese.

LL = low-lactose, L = lactose-free, G = gluten-free, VN = vegan, S = spicy hot, M = milk free, V = vegetarian dish, N = contains nuts. Please ask our staff for more information on dishes.

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