Red Eleven& The Eternal @Freetime Jyväskylä la 31.08.2019

Red Eleven & The Eternal @ Freetime

31.8.2019 lauantai
"I can't see the forest for the trees I can't seem to rise from this agony And I need to sleep for awhile… I can't see the dream's that used to be I can't seem to release this misery And I need to sleep for awhile…"
Red Eleven & The Eternal
Sat 31.08.2019 @ Freetime, Jyväskylä
Tickets 4/5€ (pre-sale/door)
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Doors open at 22.00

Red Eleven started off in 2009 with the name Project Red Eleven when Teemu Liekkala (Code for Silence, Beyond the Dream) and Tony Kaikkonen (Sons of Aeon, Dark Days Ahead, Code for Silence) got together and recorded a few tracks. Later when those recordings got to the hands of Pasi Pasanen (ex-Swallow the Sun) and Petteri Vaalimaa (Anthony Parviainen Trio) they immediately came to the conclusion of: "We should make a real band out of this!" Pasanen announced his desire to play the drums and Vaalimaa to play the bass. When J-V Hintikka (Machine Men) was found to play second guitar the band was complete. It wasn't a project anymore. Red Eleven was born.


The Eternal is touring in support of their internationally acclaimed new album ‘Waiting For The Endless Dawn' and it will be the bands first trip to Europe in ten years. This an event not to be missed for lovers of the dark, melancholic, progressive and doom metal. The Eternal formed in Melbourne, Australia in early 2003. In the bands 16 year history they have released 6 internationally acclaimed studio albums, 2 Live albums & a concert DVD. The band has toured extensively nationally & internationally with the likes of Amorphis, Anathema, Him, Katatonia, Swallow The Sun, Opeth & Paradise Lost just to name a few. The Eternal's sound can be best described as dark, melancholic, emotive metal with Doom & Progressive influences. The bands 6th studio album ‘Waiting for The Endless Dawn' has been released thru Finland's Inverse Records.



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