Band booking:  Tel. + 35810 766 4001
Technical contact: Niko Laasonen
Tel. +358 50 577 9540

Production info:

14 x Par 64 500 W in side truss on top of the stage
4 x Par 64 500 W in truss on top of the dancefloor
12 x ETC Source 4 jr in front truss
4 x 2-unit mole
1 x SGM Idea Strobe
8 x Par 64 500w in front truss for decoration
Moving heads:
8 x Martin Mac250 Entour in side truss on top of the stage
6 x Martin Mac250 Wash in side truss top of the stage
8 x Movitec SL-250 in front truss
Chamsys PC Wing+ Touchscreen PC
1 x free DMX line from FOH to stage
Look Solutions Uniqu2 hazer on stage
6 x 6 ch Light Processor Paradim 10A/ch
2 free channels on stage to be used
Power supply:
2 x 32 A CEE (1 free, 1 FOH)
2 x 16A CEE
L-Acoustic dV-DOSC, 6 per side
L-Acoustic dV SUB, 4 pcs
L-Acoustic 118 SUB 4pcs
L-Acoustic LA-48 amps, 6pcs
L-Acoustic LA-8 amp for 118 SUBs
Lake LM26 Processing
Midas Pro2 mixing console
Tascam CD-01U CD-Player
L-Acoustic Kiva, 2 pcs, delay line under balcony
L-Acoustic LA-4 amp.
Midas Pro2C mixing console
L-Acoustic 115XT HiQ wedges, 7pcs including cue
L-Acoustic dV-SUB+115XT HiQ for drumfill
L-Acoustic LA-8 amps, 5pcs total
Midas DL251 stagebox (48in/16out)
Midas DL252 stagebox (48out/16in)
We have digital multicore system.
If you bring your own consoles, please bring your own multicore.
Please contact house technician in advance
Mics / D.I.`s:
2x Shure Beta 52A
1x Shure Beta 91A
7x Shure SM57
4 x Sennheiser e904
2x Shure Beta 98A
2x Shure Beta 98AMP
3x Shure SM81
2x Audio Technica AT3035
5x Shure Sm58
3x Sennheiser 935
2x Shure B87A
1x Sennheiser 421
4x Radial D.I. JDI Passive
2x Radial D.I. JDI Dupplex Passive
2ch Shure UFR Wireless system
2x Shure Beta58 wireless mic
2x Shure UFR Beltpack
2x DPA 4066 headset
Mic stands:
All stands K&M
16 pcs tall with boom
1 pcs straight with round base
2 pcs extra short
5 pcs short
5 pcs short with round base
4 pcs Microphone clamp holder
Cables, adabters, subsnakes for whole system