Bienvenido a Wazaca!

Joys and sorrows, love and lust, heartaches and headaches, everyday and holiday, young and old, family and friends – and dogs – rich and poor, day and night, life and death…

Everything and everyone revolves around food in Mexico. Every meal is a social occasion. It's about sharing, caring and being with the ones you love. And, by the way, sharing is often understood quite literally. If you want to try what the person next to you is eating, by all means, go ahead, reach out and grab some!

For the real taste of Mexico, you'll have to go to the streets (you'll find one right here in Wazaca). Street food is the real deal. If a recipe can make it in the streets of Mexico, it can make it anywhere. Only the freshest ingredients will do, and the taste has to be just right, building up seductively from the initial touch of coriander to a surprise kick of green chili in the back of your head just after you swallow.


Like Mexican life, Mexican food is full of feeling and emotion. The colors of the Mexican flag – green guacamole, white tortillas and red salsa – turn every meal into a manifestation of patriotism. However, although food is taken seriously, eating is everything but serious. It's about having a good time while having a good meal.


That's what Wazaca stands for. Fresh ingredients, joyful sharing and a quirky attitude to eating, drinking, and – well – life itself.