Ella at the end of Solo Upstairs entertains and conquers! Combined with Bellini, Ella's stage succeeds through warm-hearted concerts, presentations or even a standup show.
Ella is equipped with modern technology. The room features a screen that can display 120 '' images, as well as a wireless Clickshare presentation system that offers flexibility and allows the participant to join the presentation wirelessly at the touch of a button. The sound of the room is implemented with speakers embedded in the ceiling. The microphones are wireless and work individually or in combination. Inquire about customized technical solutions that we can implement for an additional fee in cooperation with Rajupaja.
The space can be combined with Bellini, for example, to accommodate 88 people. Ella also has a built-in camera, the image of which can be shared on screens in other Solo Upstairs rooms on larger occasions.


big4_outline26 persons
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Table arrangements

Cocktail 26 persons
Buffet 26 persons
Dining table service
Dining table service 26 persons