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Use of the raflaamo.fi website provided by SOK requires acceptance of these raflaamo.fi Website Terms and Conditions.

Supported Browsers

The raflaamo.fi website is compatible with all major browsers. Use of the services requires that cookies are enabled in the browser. For security and functionality reasons, we recommend using latest browser versions.

The web service supports the following browsers, latest versions:
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Internet Explorer

We cannot guarantee the functionality of the raflaamo.fi website on other browsers. If you are using an old version of a browser, we recommend that you update to the latest version or install another browser.


The contents of the raflaamo.fi website, including images, product information, trademarks, brands, business logos, etc. are the property of SOK or a third party and protected by the Copyright Act and other laws. SOK reserves all rights to the Raflaamo.fi website and its contents unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions or on the website.

Users' Rights and Responsibilities

Users may view, browse and print the contents of the raflaamo.fi website for personal use. Users may not copy, reproduce, transfer, distribute or save any of the content of the raflaamo.fi website or reuse the images, product information, brands, business logos or other content without the advance written permission of SOK. Use of text or images for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Press releases published on the raflaamo.fi website may be used for journalistic purposes only, provided that the source is acknowledged.

Liability For Website and Its Contents

SOK does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of information provided on the raflaamo.fi website. Product prices, images, product information, availability and other materials are provided on the website without warranty of any kind. SOK is not liable for any direct or indirect losses occurring as a result of the information on the website.

SOK reserves the right to change without notice and for any reason the terms and conditions, appearance, contents or availability of the website, the services offered or other properties of the website.

SOK does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of the raflaamo.fi website and it is not responsible for its availability. Unless otherwise required by law, SOK will not be liable for any losses arising from the use of, or inability to use, the website or another related reason.

Services of Third Parties

The raflaamo.fi website may contain links to websites owned or administered by third parties. When opening a third-party website, users must read and accept the terms and conditions of the website in question before continuing to use it. SOK has no influence over the contents of websites produced or published by third parties and it is not responsible for the functionality, contents or other properties of such websites.

The raflaamo.fi website may use technologies which require installation of applications or additional features produced by third parties. SOK is not responsible for the functionality of third-party applications or additional features users may install or for any disruptions or errors caused by them or for any other losses related to or arising from the use of the same.

Cookies policy

A cookie is a small text file containing an anonymous identifier which is sent to the browser in your device. Cookies do not harm the device; they are used to gather information for the purpose of identifying individual visitors. SOK uses cookies for the collection of data on service usage, number of users and other statistics which we then will process and analyse. Cookies help us to create more user-friendly services for you. The data from the cookies are analysed with software tools; the data collected contain no personal information about the users. We use cookies, for instance, for monitoring page load times and what kind of information visitors are looking for as well as for locating malfunctioning sections of the site so they can be repaired. Cookies are also used to gauge the impact of adverts. SOK requires that you accept cookies before you can use SOK's electronic services.

We may also use the data collected about site usage for creating targeted marketing or content for your browser. We can create target groups based on the web pages certain browsers have visited. We may then present ads or content which will probably be of interest to these target groups. When creating user segments, we may use partners and behaviour data collected from external sites.

Users can clear cookies from their browser. By deleting all cookies regularly, the user changes the identifier that is used for creating the user profile. Clearing the cookies does not stop the collection of data; rather, it resets the profile based on earlier behaviour data. The user accepts that in some services blocking cookies may affect the functionality of the service.

Third parties, such as advertisers and advertising networks, may direct ads to the browser based on the user's likely fields of interest. If the user wishes to block such ads from third parties, the user may do so via the links below. After applying the block, the user will still be shown ads but they are not selected based on the user's interests.
1.         You can block Adform tracing via this link
2.         You can block Google tracing via this link
3.         You can block Facebook tracing via this link
4.         You can block other third-party tracing via this link
For more information about ads based on web usage tracing, please go to Your Online Choices.

Discussions, Blogs and Comments

The discussion boards, blogs and comment facilities are provided for the purpose of constructive and courteous exchange of views. All contributors are required to comply with the website rules.

SOK does not verify the accuracy of information expressed in discussions, blogs or comments. SOK will, when necessary, remove postings which breach the terms and conditions, the website rules and instructions, law or good practice, when it becomes aware of such breaches. SOK is not responsible for the postings and comments of users and bloggers or any related consequences or for information produced or contributed on the website by users. Users are responsible for the content of their discussions, comments and blogs. Users are responsible for their own actions, and anyone posting comments or information that is in breach of law can be held legally responsible.

Bloggers and users are required to provide their email address when posting messages or comments. Email addresses will not be used for marketing purposes. SOK has the right to contact bloggers and users in matters related to their postings or comments.

When contributing to discussions, blogs or comments, users must not:

  • incite crime or violence

  • make inappropriate or defamatory comments about other users or make racist comments

  • submit illegal, defamatory or pornographic materials

  • create links to files or websites containing criminal, defamatory, illegal, racist or pornographic material
submit personal information or images of a private individual without his or her consent

  • use material protected by copyright or copy text directly from other publications
promote or advertise a product or service

  • submit the same message multiple times or resubmit a message that has been removed

If you notice any content that breaches these rules, please let us know by using the report button next to the message in question.


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