S-Card Amarillo menu now -25%

A Mexican proverb says: time spent in a boring way is a time of wasted joy. Right on the money! So, choose joy and drop by Amarillo.

Restaurant Amarillo offers a mix of Mexican flavours and delicate flavours of the Southern US states. The menu includes tasty appetisers, spicy tacos, fajitas, and quesadillas, an abundant array of burgers, sizzling meat dishes and delicious vegetarian meals. An impressive selection of drinks can be enjoyed with the food. Have you ever tried the anniversary beer prepared in honour of the 45th birthday of Viru Hotel? Come alone or with friends, enjoy the colourful flavours and Amarillo's infectious positive atmosphere – see you soon!

The 25% discount on the entire Amarillo restaurant menu applies to S-Card cardholders until 31.03.2018.

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The benefit is available at this restaurant