Rosso La Serata Romana Raflaamo

Rosso´s La Serata Romana from €25 €/person

Rosso's authentic Roman dinner is an invitation to an evening of pleasure! Wonderful antipasti, as much pizza as you can eat and a piccolo panna cotta for dessert!

Welcome to a evening of dining Roman style! An authentic Roman dinner springs from a table filled with good things to eat, great company and mouthwatering desserts accompanied by perfectly paired drinks.

This is what Rosso's La Serata Romana is all about: You will first receive a generous plateful of starters and once your appetite has been whetted, as much Roman pizza as you like and then to finish, a piccolo panna cotta – all for €25 for S-Etukortti card holders (normal price €29).

The antipasti is made up of mouthwatering Italian-style starters: melon, antipasti vegetables, dry-cured ham, mozzarella and garlic bread. After the antipasti, it is time for Finland's most authentic Roman pizzas. Dinner includes four different pizza options, so everyone's road lead to Rome. Why not try the Rustica Bresaola, which is topped with dry-cured beef entrecôte, goat cheese, roasted peppers and comes with a tomato and garlic dip. Vegans get their own delicious pizza option. You choose whatever pizza you like and have as much as you like!

We have also designed a special drinks package to go with the La Serata Romana dinner, which is available to S-Etukortti card holders at €20/person (normal price  €22.90). Please ask at the restaurant for more information!

La Serata Romana is the perfect accompaniment to good company and good conversation. The quickest road to Rome is via Rosso.


29 EUR
25 EUR Asiakasomistajalogo