Restaurant Ranta Christmas lunch 2016

Restaurant Ranta Christmas lunch 2016

"Log Out" for Christmas holiday mood an come to enjoy the Christmas lunch buffee at Restaurant Ranta


Ranta`s traditionel Christmas-buffee 52 € / prs & with S-owner Card 49 € / hlö

 12.–22.12.2016 at 11 am. – 2pm.


For start we recommend warm apple glög 8,50€ /prs.


Waldorf salad L,G

Roast beef with horseradish mayonnaise L,G

Cold smoked salmon and dill-mustard dressing L,G

Beetroot with goat cheese G

Limegrass baltic herring L,G

Mustard seed caviar and herring L,G

Smoked salmon with sea buckthorn flavored BBQ sauce L,G

Pheasant and duck terrine with Cumberland's jam L,G

Pickled mushrooms L,G

Rosolli sald of the house and sour cream L,G

Potatoes L,G

Christmas breads L


Traditional Christmas ham L,G

Carrot-, potato- and turnip casseroles L

 Jaloviina mustard L,G

Ham sauce, peas and plums L,G


Roasted Arctic char

Honey seasoned vegetables and star anise-fennel hollandaise sauce LL,G


Cheeses and gingerbreads LL,G

Assortment of marmalades

Cherry and cinnamon panna cotta L,G

Christmas tarts

Petit Fours


Table reservations direckt from here.

or  from our sellservice center

email: or

by phone: 020 1234 800 (Mo–Fri at 8 am.–6pm.)
  Price 8,35 snt/tell + 16,69 snt/min

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