Original Breakfast autumn offer

Start your day the right way with an Original breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Everyone knows that. But not just because it refuels us for an active day ahead – a decent breakfast paves the way for you to feel happy for the whole day.

Make your way down to our cosy dining room and pick a table as you hum along to the music quietly playing in the background.
Fill your plate with anything and everything from our extensive buffet – whatever takes your fancy.
Grab that all-important first coffee of the day and a refreshing glass of grapefruit juice.
Enjoy every mouthful and savour every flavour – there's no rush, no onus on you to do anything or be anywhere. 

Just total freedom to decide what you'll do with your day and hopefully pass on some of the contentment you feel.

Welcome to our breakfast buffet at Original Sokos Hotel Viru! Offer for fall 9 €.

Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00-10:00, Saturday & Sunday 7:00-11:00

9 EUR/person