Bistro Manu Helsinki

Masterly S-Card menu in Bistro Manu

Enjoy a delicious meal in Original Hotel Presidentti's new masterly Bistro Manu.

With S-Card from Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti's Bistro Manu

We have gathered our customers favourite dishes to our delicious S-Card menu. 

You can enjoy one of these dishes by using only one 12€ meal benefit. 

The benefit is valid for all the S-Card holders and does not require an accomodation in the hotel. 

Escargots with herbs and garlic L
12 pcs
Cheese platter
Crackers and jam
Fish platter

Ocean shrimps and salmon served two ways.

Sausages à la Bistro L, G 

Potatoes, poached egg and Myrttinen pickled cucumbers

Seasonal soup L, G
Salmon soup L
Caesar salad

Topping of your choice: Parmesan-breaded chicken,

Arctic Ocean shrimps or seared salmon



Roasted goat cheese salad  G 

Bistro's burger

A hamburger made from the best Finnish purebred beef, with French fries.

Vegetarian version also available.

Chicken sandwich

Parmesan-breaded chicken and avocado-bacon salad.

Salmon sandwich L

Cold-smoked salmon seasoned with mustard, French fries.

Bean and veggie steak seasoned with harissa VN
Seasonal vegetablesKauden kasviksia
L lakctose free G gluten free VE vegan