Ironman Tahko hotel accommodation

Ironman in Tahko

9.8.2022 Tuesday - 15.8.2022 Monday
Ironman competition in Tahko at August - reserve room from Break Sokos Hotel Tahko at the center of Tahko

Break Sokos Hotel Tahko is situated at the center of Tahko - the competition center is only few steps away.

Book an accommodation at the centre of Tahko.
Ironman Tahko -hotel offer:

Break Sokos Hotel Tahko

From 270 €/person/3 nights/in twin room

Price includes:

  • accommodation
  • breakfast
  • sauna

The price requires advance payment. The reservation cannot be cancelled

To place a reservation:
Fill in the required reservation details. Reservation code: BIRONMAN22
The available prices will be shown to you and you can re-check the details of your reservation. You will receive a confirmation of your reservation by e-mail.

Inquiries and reservations:

Break Sokos Hotel Tahko tel. 010 7629550 email:
The rate is a starting rate, there is a limited number of products available.

from 270 EUR/person/3 nights/in twin room