Zetor's Christmas Menu for groups

Have yourself a tasty little Christmas

Zetor is the place to be jolly during the Christmas season – the hall is decked and there may even be some mistletoeing going on!

Enjoy a great meal and feel free to dance around the Christmas tractor!

Zetor's Christmas Menu for groups €46.00 (for S-Etukortti card holders €39.00) 
(for at least 4 people)

This menu is served from 1 November to 31 December 2020. The menu must be ordered in advance. The price includes one starter, one main course and one dessert.

Gravlax and roe mousse, toasted blini and refreshing cucumber salsa L


Jerusalem artichoke soup and toasted smoked reindeer crumbs L, G


Fried pike-perch, lobster sauce and boiled potatoes with dill L, G


Honey-glazed chicken leg and Parmesan potatoes L, G


Lamb fillet, barley risotto with mushrooms and dark Dijon sauce L


Barley risotto with musrooms and grilled Finnish squeaky cheese L


Orange cake and chocolate mousse


Cloudberry and caramel cream pudding L, G

L = lactose-free
G = gluten-free

The benefit is available at this restaurant