Estoria now has a room themed around the Seaplane Harbour exhibition ‘Sex & the Sea'!

Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria, in cooperation with the Estonian Maritime Museum, is now offering visitors to Tallinn the chance to stay in a room inspired by the intriguing ‘Sex & the Sea' exhibition being hosted at the Seaplane Harbour.

Solo Sokos Estoria is the only design & story hotel in Estonia and guests often remark that they learned a lot about the country and gained inspiration on what to do while here from staying at the hotel. Estoria has been working with the Maritime Museum for many years, with the rooms designed by the museum always getting the idea of an exhibition across very effectively. The Seaplane Harbour is one of the most popular museums in Estonia, and the ‘Sex & the Sea' exhibition it is currently hosting has inspired our latest room.

The exhibition, by Dutch multimedia artist Saskia Bodeke, tells the story of the longing and passion felt by sailors. A massive installation of messages in bottles forms part of the exhibition, inspired by the letters that young Finnish women sent to sailors from the Estonian island of Hiiumaa during World War I.

The room at Estoria features a range of images from and a variety of items you will find showcased in the exhibition. It also allows guests to find out more about the work of Estonian designers. For example, Kirill Safonov has created a range of exhibition-themed scarves for women and cravats and bow ties for men, while in the hotel room itself you can play cards produced by photographer Mark Raidpere and stylist Katrin Aasmaa.

Come and visit the Seaplane Harbour exhibition and spend the night at Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria!

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