Enjoy the outdoors at sunny Vaasa

The Vaasa region offers you beautiful nature and urban city life which you can combine on a single visit to Original Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa.

Our region here in Vaasa offers you several different experiences from the Ostrobothnian coast in many ways as well with what the urban city lifestyle can offer you. Everything is close by and you can get acquainted with the area with a car or a bicycle.


The Kvarken Archipelago is the only Finnish natural heritage on UNESCO's World Heritage List. The Kvarken Archipelago  form a transboundary World Natural Heritage site together with the High Coast in Sweden. The World Heritage Gateway by the Replot Bridge is located just at the border of the World Heritage Site of Kvarken Archipelago. The Gateway offers you information on the World Heritage and gives tips on the places to visit in the archipelago.

In the Kvarken World Heritage area there are a lot of activities you can enjoy during the summer, as well as during the winter. Experience the unique archipelago by going on a World Heritage cruise, booking a fishing trip, hiking along one of our nature trails or by canoeing between the islands and moraine ridges. You can also book an experienced guide who will give you a deeper experience of the World Heritage area or participate in a guided tour. You can check out the cruises and other activities here.

Our staff recommends the nature trail of Bodvattnet runt which starts at Svedjehamn where the visitor can get acquainted with the land uplift coast and the De-Geer moraines. The nature trail is about 3.5 km long and the highlight of the trail is the Saltkaret scenic tower.

Outdoor activities

In the sunniest city in Finland we have great coastal walkways to enjoy any time of the year. Vaasan Pingviinit have a public sauna in Hietasaari that is in use all year round. During the winter you can take a dip in the ocean or enjoy some open sea swimming during the summer months. Öjberget has 271 steps to climb and a variety of paths for running, skiing and bicycling.


Experience Umeå 


Kvarken connects Vaasa and Umeå. There is only 150km between the cities and they are connect by the fastest seaway to abroad. Wasaline will ship you over the Kvarken to new adventures. Umeå is the biggest city in northern Sweden. You will find plenty of shopping and restaurants in the city.



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