Congratulations Finland 100!

This year the atmosphere in Marina Palace's kitchen is jubilant! We've gone all out celebrating the 100 year old Finland and have a bunch of delicious dishes to show for it!

Marina Palace Hotel's chefs have certainly been busy this year. Their thinking caps have quite literally been bursting with ideas on how to celebrate the 100 year old Finland with delicous ingredients from the land of the thousand lakes. The results of all the brain storming, cooking and tasting is an exquisite menu and a buffet full of all the things we Finns love to eat (..and you'll love them too!).

The Nordic, and especially the Finnish, palate is represented all through the dishes starting from the choice of ingredients to the way of cooking the food. Your guests will be able to treat themselves to some perch, a bit of Baltic herring, a handful of chanterelles, a pinch of rye and the magical sweetness of sea buckthorn and bluberries. Our ancestor's ways of cooking has also been honored in our bustling kitchen. What would a fancy dinner be without "gravad" fish or pickled vegetables?

We've simply put a lot of Finland and even more of our passion towards food on to the plate - and OH BOY the results are delicious! Check out the menus here; Finland's Celebration Menu and Buffet

Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel,

Linnankatu 32, Turku

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