A memorable and surprising visit to Torni Tampere

Are you coming to celebrate a special day or do you want to add a bit of pampering and luxury to your stay? You can order a little extra to make your stay with us even more memorable!

You can order a bottle of sparkling wine to wait for you in your room. On the side, you can enjoy a delicious cheese assortment or even a bowl full of marshmallows and berries. We also offer a broad range of salty and sweet snacks. They offer a lovely surprise on a special day. What a wonderful way to start your stay!


You can also order roses or other flowers in your room to liven up your stay. Ask for more about all the options available to decorate your room.


You can order the delicious meals of our Grill It! restaurant from our room service during the opening hours of the restaurant. In addition, you can order tasty smoothies and salty snacks 24/7. To crown your peaceful and relaxing morning, enjoy a delicious and full breakfast in your room.


More information, orders and prices from the reception desk

Tel.: +358 20 1234 634 or torni.tampere@sokoshotels.fi