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S Group is committed to protecting your privacy and we want to actively communicate our principles followed in the protection of personal data.   In processing personal data, we comply with the laws and regulations valid in Finland related to protection of privacy.

The use of our website does not require registration and we do not collect any personal data during the browsing of the website. The statistical monitoring of the website usage requires some use of cookies and corresponding technologies. It is possible that not all services offered by us may be available for you if you have prevented the use of these technologies in your web browser settings. We utilise the statistical information to further develop our service.
The attached Description of File provides more information about the protection of your privacy.



Description of file in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (Henkilötietolaki 523/1999)

1. Name of the file

Table reservations and reservation requests for S Group restaurants

2. Controller

S Group restaurants accepting reservations
P.O Box 1
FI-00088 S-RYHMÄ
Tel. +358 10 76 8011

Person in charge of the file register
SOK Travel Industry and Hospitality Chain Management

3. Purpose of the data files

The Description of File applies to the processing of personal data of such natural persons, who send a table reservation request or a request for a quotation through a restaurant website. 

The controller processes customers' personal data for the following purposes:

  • management of table and facility reservations
  • making offers
  • management and development of customer service
  • development of the business operations and related customer service
  • management of the customer relationship, including customer communications

4. Data content of the file

The following personal data is collected and stored for customers:
Data on the individual making the table reservation: First and last name, email address, telephone number, the name of the host or hostess of the party if different from the person making the reservation, company name

5. Regular sources of data

Data related to customers is received from the customer with the permission of the customer. Personal data is not collected from other sources.

6. Regular destinations of disclosed data

Customer data is not used for any purposes other than the above, and will not be disclosed to third parties.

7. Principles of securing the file

Personal data is stored confidentially. Only members of personnel handling reservations at the restaurant in question process data related to reservations. S Group follows policies related to the protection of privacy of applicants online and information disclosed by customers to companies. In processing of personal data, S Group complies with the Personal Data Act and other applicable valid regulations on the protection of personal data based on Finnish legislation.

8. Right of inspection and the right to rectify erroneous data

Pursuant to Section 26 of the Personal Data Act, the register subjects have the right to check what information about them is stored in the personal file, and, pursuant to Section 29 of the Personal Data Act, to require that any incorrect data be rectified.

Inspection and rectification requests should be sent in writing an signed to:
SOK / Travel Industry and Hospitality Chain Management
P.O. Box 1
FI-00088 S-RYHMÄ