Lunch close to you

Ranta ravintolarestaurant

11:00 - 13:30
Otaranta, Espoo
  • Meatballs, pepper sauce, mashed potatoes with horseradish and vegetables €11.60
    AO tunnus RGB €10.40 L
  • Red bean steak, tomato sauce and vegetable-noodles €11.60
    AO tunnus RGB €10.40 L
  • Beef entrecote, rosmary sauce, oven potatoes and vegetables €24.50
    G L
  • Pike perch, roe-white wine sauce and warm vegetable salad €24.50
    G L
  • Classic Burger €14.00

Grill it! Marina, Turku

11:00 - 14:00
Linnankatu 32, Turku
  • BBQ pork and roasted garlic potatoes €12.00
    G L
  • Tofu and mushroom skewer, vegetable tabbouleh and sauce vierge €12.00
    V VN M L
  • Chicken burger, vinegar coleslaw and sweet potato fries €14.00
  • Soup of the day and the salad buffet €10.00
    G L
  • Soup of the day or the salad buffet €8.00
  • Dessert of the day €3.00
  • Fish of the day with chef's side dishes €25.00
    G L
  • Meat of the day with chef's side dishes €25.00
    G L
PizzaBuffa Prisma, Lohja

Enjoy as much as you desire!

A quick and easy restaurant for the whole family. That is what PizzaBuffa is all about. You can enjoy as much delicious food with us as you wish. We serve luscious pizzas, refreshing salads, hot meals and revitalising drinks - all for one fixed price! During the week, you can also enjoy our changing and diverse buffet lunch. For dessert, you can choose soft ice or another one of PizzaBuffa's delicious desserts. You feel lovely and full after a meal at PizzaBuffa.

Presso Prisma, Lohja

Drop in for a refreshing coffee or a delicious pastry at Presso, during a workday or on a shopping trip.

Our selection includes both savoury and sweet pastries as well as a good selection of coffees.

Come and explore our selections!


Keep in mind that you can get Bonus for each bite as a co-op member.

Prisma offers enjoyment for the whole family.