Lunch close to you

Grill it! Marina, Turku

11:00 - 14:00
Linnankatu 32, Turku
  • Black pepper beef stew and potato gratin €13.00
    G L
  • Broad bean stew €13.00
    G V L VN
  • Soup of the day and the salad buffet €11.00
    G L
  • Soup of the day or the salad buffet €10.00
  • Dessert of the day €3.00
  • Fish of the day with chef's side dishes €25.00
    G L
  • Meat of the day with chef's side dishes €25.00
    G L

Bistro Manu

11:00 - 17:00
Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 4, Helsinki
  • Creamy salmon soup €10.70
    G L
  • Meatballs with pepper sauce and mashed potato €14.00
    G L
  • Breaded plaice with tartar dressing and dill potato €14.00
  • Carrot and spinach crepes with tandoor vegetables €12.00
    G L
Hesburger Prisma Lohja

Hesburger – Finland's largest hamburger chain

Hesburger is the place to go for delicious hamburgers, crispy fries, fresh salads and tasty desserts, not to mention service with a smile! Come and tickle your taste buds!

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