Fire Station Attic, Ullakko

The Attic, Ullakko, at the Fire Station is a great meeting place or a venue for private parties or corporate events. The unique venue in the old building is well suited for arranging a wedding, graduation party or any other festive occasion, or a meeting, for 30 to 90 people.

You will have access to all kinds of modern accessories, such as microphones and Wi-Fi, as well as catering and the services of a meeting host/hostess. The programme and catering will always be customised based on your wishes.

For more information, please contact Original Sokos Hotel Arina's Sales Service, tel. +358 (0)8 312 3111 or e-mail


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Table arrangements

Theatre 30 - 90 persons
Cocktail 30 - 90 persons
Classroom 30 - 90 persons
Buffet 30 - 90 persons
Dining table service
Dining table service 30 - 90 persons
U-shaped table
U-shaped table 30 - 90 persons