Radisson Blu Hotel Oulu has stood witness to a major part of the cultural and culinary history of Northern Finland. The hotel was established in 1973 under its original name Vaakuna. From the very beginning, the hotel earned a reputation as the best place in town for hosting dinners, family gatherings, meetings and other events.
It also came to be known as the international heart of Northern Finland.

Today, tradition goes hand in hand with modern life at Radisson Blu Hotel Oulu. Restaurant Sassi treats its guests to some of the finest flavours of classic Finnish cuisine, spiced up with a delightful local twist. The menu focuses heavily on clean, pure ingredients, which are presented on the plate with skill and elegance.

The most popular sensory delights offered by Radisson Blu Hotel Oulu are yours to experience in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Restaurant Sassi.

Come and enjoy the true flavours of Northern cuisine in Oulu!