Our Story

ALPO The Food Truck is built into an American old school Dodge PTH-S600. The bus was bought from Töysän Linja. The original purpose of the truck was to deliver mail around the challenging traffic conditions of Lapland and it features a custom-built chassis. Later on the bus was repurposed to serve as a travel car that toured several motorbike races around central Europe and acted as a hub for the drivers. With some help from local companies, this classic Dodge was renovated and rebuilt to become the S-group's first food truck.

The Food

This truck goes the extra mile to ensure that the food it has to offer tastes just like it should, and that's is why Alpo features a special Mibrasa charcoal oven. The best possible tastes can only be achieved with an open flame and the aromas that come with it. The oven has an extraordinarily fine temperature tuning options which guarantee the best possible results.

The dishes offered in ALPO The Food Truck are fair & fresh. The core principle is that at least the main ingredient of each meal is produced in Finland and if possible, organic and local.

ALPO is visually impressive and certainly brightens up the streets it roams. It is our promise to provide our customers food made with love and unique memories with ALPO. We wish people of all ages welcome to visit us!