Villa Sandviken

Villa Sandviken is full of character, charm of old times and tempting flavours. In Villa, something old meets something new – traditional techniques and modern ideas blend together on a plate. Enjoy food cooked on a real charcoal grill. Let the patisserie from our own pastry chef enchant you. Experience the friendly service that welcomes everyone warmly to the villa. Villa's stories are our inspiration, good food is our passion.


Kokokana, Vaasa

Weekend in the heart of Vaasa.
Clear skies. Bright sun.

A half-hidden oasis in the back garden.
Large succulents in their clay pots,
ample plants in their hanging baskets on the pergola.

The tasty delights from a large BBQ grill.
Fresh vegetables.
The best aromas.

A cocktail or a cold beer?
Excellent wines being chilled.

A long meal with family and friends.
Relaxing in the best company
in a garden in the centre of the city.

The best garden parties in the heart of the city.
Every single day.
In all weather conditions.