Minna is a well-lit windowed meeting facility that is also well-suited for teamwork.

The meeting facility has been named after Minna Canth. Minna Canth (born Ulrika Wilhelmina Johnson; 19.3.1844 Tampere - 12.5.1897 Kuopio) was a Finnish author, female journalist, business woman and a societal influencer. As an author Canth was part of the Finnish realism pioneers. She wrote plays, novellas and short stories. She was the first notable Finnish-speaking playwright and prosaist after Aleksis Kivi and the first Finnish female journalist.

Canth was at the time a notable opinion leader and an intercessor of European ideas in Finland. She was liberal and Young Finnish Party -minded. Canth improved women's status by working on making girls' education opportunities better among other things. She was one of the pioneers of Finnish-speaking education.


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