The well-lit meeting facility Canth is located on the street level in the new section of our hotel. Entrance Maaherrankatu 8.

The facility has a WUXGA (1920X1200) video projector, sound system, a flip chart, 2 wireless microphones and 2 wireless headset microphones.

The facility can be combined with the Snellman and Topelius meeting facilities, and together they form the large Puijonsarvi hall that can fit up to 200 guests.

The facility is also excellent for organizing diverse parties.

The meeting facility has been named after Minna Canth. Minna Canth (born Ulrika Wilhelmina Johnson; 19.3.1844 Tampere - 12.5.1897 Kuopio) was a Finnish author, female journalist, business woman and a societal influencer. As an author Canth was part of the Finnish realism pioneers. She wrote plays, novellas and short stories. She was the first notable Finnish-speaking playwright and prosaist after Aleksis Kivi and the first Finnish female journalist.

Canth was at the time a notable opinion leader and an intercessor of European ideas in Finland. She was liberal and Young Finnish Party -minded. Canth improved women's status by working on making girls' education opportunities better among other things. She was one of the pioneers of Finnish-speaking education.


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Natural light
Sound system
Flip chart
Internet connection

Table arrangements

Theatre 72 persons
Diplomat 30 persons
Classroom 56 persons
Buffet 60 persons
Dining table service
Dining table service 60 persons
Teamwork table
Teamwork table 30 persons
U-shaped table
U-shaped table 20 persons