Villa Sandviken

Dear customers! Villa Sandviken is closed during the winter season and we will be back in spring on the 16th of April 2019 (private occasions are possible to arrange during the winter). Our sales office is open as normal during this time so if you have any questions please contact us on number +358 20 780 88 50 or

Butcher & Banker, Vaasa


The post-apocalyptic climate after experiencing a bad moment, dull times or collapse of civilized conversation is overwhelming at times. Thank God you have a place where you can turn back the Doomsday Clock and cheer up with beers, drinks and live sounds of freedom. Come and enjoy yourself in Butcher & Banker, a place where good times, occasional music and refreshing company will make you revolt boredom and spread happiness like a pandemic. Read our menu and it will give you instructions on how to enjoy life after nuclear strike on your bad mood.