hello! is a part of Original Sokos Hotel Kotka Seurahuone restaurant world, which also includes Amarillo, the delectable Fransmanni and a 170 room hotel. hello! also has two separate music departments: Dance & Suomi Pop!

Just want to say hello!


At hello! two different styles of music are combined: dance and Finnish pop.

hello! is a diverse mix  of the hottest tracks from the top of the dance and club charts. Our DJs have several years of experience and will always try to fulfil the requests of customers.

As the name suggests, Suomi Pop concentrates on domestic pop music, and you can also find at Suomi Pop the Tuborg Bar. At Suomi Pop, you can hear, in addition to the latest hits, legendary hits from the past. Suomi Pop also has its own DJ on Saturdays!


At  hello! Kotka, you can reserve a Mumm table for your party. The reservation includes direct entry past the queue to the restaurant for the whole party (max. 8 persons), entrance and cloakroom fees, a table for your use for the evening, as well as a bottle of Mumm champagne (750ml ABV 12%).
Prices from Fridays €150/table and Saturdays €200/table.
Reservations: Please call Sokos Hotel Kotka Seurahuone Sales service, Tel: +358 (0)10 7821 000