Summer restaurant Mustakari is located by the sea, appr. 3 km from Sokos Hotel Kaarle. Mustakari is known from traditional a la carté dining and from its breathtaking view by the sea that gives you a memorable venue for your visit. Enjoying dinner or drinks at Mustakari terrace watching sunset is a must for every summer.

Opening hours:

You can find the opening hours in the top right corner of this page and from here.
On public holidays Sunday opening hours apply.

We close on midsummer Thursday, 21st of June at 2 pm. and open again on the 25th of June.
Between the 25th and 26th of June we serve a limited menu and Mustakarischnizel.
The island closes for construction and tear down of the Mustakari Memories event 27th of June and 2nd of July.

Reservations and more information:

+358 20 780 8940
Address: Mustakarintie, 67300 Kokkola

Warm welcome!