Kortepohja ja Viitaniemi

Spacious and light-filled Kortepohja and Viitaniemi conference rooms at Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra are masters in modifiability. They can be modified for various needs: in addition to basic meetings, the rooms have hosted book and sales demonstrations, small-scale exhibitions, briefings, music therapy sessions and breakfast meetings, as well as activities that require more space, such as first aid training. These two conference rooms located on the second floor above the hotel reception and the breakfast and lunch restaurant are excellent on their own. If you need more space, it can be easily arranged: Kortepohja can be combined with Viitaniemi. 


big4_outline125 persons
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Natural light
Sound system

Table arrangements

Theatre 125 persons
Classroom 84 persons
Teamwork table
Teamwork table 60 persons
U-shaped table
U-shaped table 34 persons

Customer satisfaction


Service (4.6)
Facilities and technology (4.1)
Offerings (4.5)