Breakfast and lunch restaurant Franseska acts as a private restaurant during the evenings, where you can arrange festive and more relaxed dinner events, both as a buffet and table service. When you want to spend time together while enjoying good food, Franseska is your choice. As one of our regular guests once said, Franseska never fails.

The restaurant hall is elegant, beautiful, tall and light-filled. The urban cityscape opening up behind the large glass wall adds to the atmosphere. As the restaurant hall is on two levels, it offers an excellent setting for various performances.

In addition to events hosted by companies, associations and clubs, Franseska is also ideal for weddings and birthdays.


big4_outline200 persons
arrows-6Created with Sketch.300 M2
Natural light
Sound system

Table arrangements

Cocktail 200 persons
Buffet 170 persons
Dining table service
Dining table service 200 persons

Customer satisfaction


Service (4.6)
Facilities and technology (4.1)
Offerings (4.5)