Private events at Kimmel

Kimmel's night club is a fully renovated evening restaurant which is suitable for around 800 people. Finnish music stars take the stage on Fridays and Saturdays and the dance floor is taken over by energized student parties. At other times the night club can be rented for private events. 

Las Palmas can be divided into three different spaces, the biggest being the live side. The stage fits even a bigger band and the restaurant has a grand dance floor. The karaoke bar Cubana is a fusion of the hottest latin dances and a traditional karaoke. The new Tenuriffa side gives you a chance for intensive discussions or it can also be set up as an after-ski style karaoke bar!

Our seamless collaboration with Bistro Heili and Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel enable our customers to have the whole package including good food, music and a comfy bed at the end of the night not forgetting the delicious breakfast of Kimmel.

Design your own pre-Christmas party or a get together by getting to know our selection of artist evenings and ask for an offer.

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