An old Finnish schlager knows it best. A traveller falls in love with Karelia as soon as they set foot in
this beautiful region in Eastern Finland. Just look around and you'll know why:
the wilderness, friendly people, and hospitality that knows no bounds are sure to charm anyone.
And the Karelian household welcomes travellers to join them at the dinner table, wherever they come from. And that dinner table is a cornucopia of delicacies with a local twist.
Bistro Heili proudly continues this tradition in Joensuu by the glimmering waters of the Pielisjoki river.
Open yourself to true Northern Karelian hospitality at Heili. Let our chefs pamper you. Do as the world traveller in the old schlager did – discover the Karelian spirit and palate, and cherish them in your heart.
Welcome to an experience of the hospitality and unique atmosphere that today's Karelia offers. Bistro Heili is your destination!

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Food (4.0)
Service (4.1)
Atmosphere (4.2)
Children (3.5)