BP*Street - State of mind

Bepop Street is a street pub and a state of mind which aims to use the old in a more creative way, for example by using old furniture and design materials. This is how we created a space and an atmosphere where you can relax in an urban and good quality surroundings which appreciates street cultures. 


"We aim to do things a bit differently but still in style. We are not afraid to try something new even though some of the ideas might be a bit crazy."

Our student friendly price and chill staff guarantee that every night can be the best night of the year for you! 

We are located right in the Joensuu city centre, on the corner of Joensuu marketplace and you can be sure to see us and our new terrace. Sustainability is important for us and almost all of our funky interior design is made with recycled materials from floor to ceiling!

Find out more about us on Instagram  Bepop Street (@bepopstreet)
Welcome to get to know the most interesting street pub in Joensuu, Bepop Street!

See you :)

Restaurant Manager, Erno Pennanen, erno.pennanen@sok.fi

Business Idea Manager Jenni Korpelainen, jenni.korpelainen@sok.fi

Bepop Street